22 October 2020 9:30 pm


Thursday, 22 October 2020 9:30 pm
Gorizia, City Theatre “Giuseppe Verdi”

Zebra (IT)


2019 Danza & Danza Award “Best Italian Production”
Winner of CollaborAction#4 2018/2019
Selected by NID Platform 2019

Choreography by: Silvia Gribaudi
Dramaturgy: Silvia Gribaudi and Matteo Maffesanti
Performers: Silvia Gribaudi, Siro Guglielmi, Matteo Marchesi and Andrea Rampazzo
Lighting designer: Antonio Rinaldi
Assistant technician: Theo Longuemare
Technical Director: Leonardo Benetollo
Costumes: Elena Rossi
Co-production: Santarcangelo Festival

Silvia Gribaudi loves to define herself as an “author of the body”, because her poetics elevate imperfections to an art form with a direct, cruel and empathetic comic style without any boundaries between dance, theatre, and the performing arts.
With Graces, her research hits new heights and transports the audience to a place and time suspended between the human and the abstract, where male and female meet, far from roles and stereotypes, free and dancing to the very rhythm of nature.

A project by:
a.Artisti Associati

With the support of:
Municipality of Gorizia / Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia / Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism / Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Gorizia

In collaboration with:
SSNG Slovene National Theatre of Nova Gorica / ERT – Regional Body for Theatrical Productions / Palazzo del Cinema-Hiša Filma di Gorizia / PAN ADRIA network

Visaví Gorizia Dance Festival support GO! 2025